Here’s to My Boys!

Dear Dad:

I guess since I am about to leave my “boys” for 15+ days it might be appropriate to write about them. Yes, I will be writing about them again I am sure. They are my “pride and joy” (in a Cousin Eddie kind of way) but thought I could start this one on where we are today (in no particular order):

  • Leroy: what an amazing, amazing dog. So super sweet and caring. All he wants to do is sniff, sleep and stare. He loves, loves me and the family and would do anything to lie down and protect. He was brought to us nine years under a different name (Zebulon) and so glad he is part of the team. I smile just seeing his face each and every day. In a weird sort of way, he makes me want to be a better person!
  • Chase: some boys love their mama, and then there is Chase. Don’t get me wrong, he loves his dad, but he loves, loves him some mom. Which is why these trips will be especially hard. He wants to do nothing but cuddle, snuggle and love on me. It is amazingly special but there are times when a break is nice. Maybe because I am a space needing kind of person but I do love a good snuggle. Chase has taught me the importance of being cute, and just having a good time while out it (well maybe he just gets that from me). He is also my exercise king. I think he will be our sport star, who dabbles in a good party and might be part of a band. Now saying that, he is me! He will be 100% rock star no matter what. He also has a lot of Arnold in him. Lots of chilling, lots of charming and lots of loving.
  • Puga: I could just say “enough said” with a name like that but I need to give Puga more glory. Puga is no normal dog, or pug at that. He is a pug through and through–fat, food eating and an opinionated little snorter. He sleeps more than there is time to sleep and he lives to eat. He has the life. But then he is my little protector. He lives and breaths for me and is the ultimate guard dog. You mess with something on my side of the bed and he is on it. He barks, sniffs and stakes it out until it is all figured out. Or until I or the kids fill his belly with something he should not be eating that puts him out for a few hours (until the fridge opens once again). He is a cool mother fo and we montel williams it up @hseanbrock!
  • Riley: my mini me. He is me. God help this kid because he is intense, determined, stubborn and relentless. He is amazingly smart and loves details. He gets on something and does not stop until it happens, or until it goes his way. I hope he picks up more from Arnold and gets a little laid back and learns to chill more but something tells me he might be screwed. He chews his nails, has to always be doing something, is addicted to tv and loves learning. Thankfully like Arnold, he is such a lover and has such much to give! Watch out world, he will make his mark.
  • Arnold: he just deserves a prize for surviving it all. What an amazing person, father, friend, husband. Yes he is taking care of things while I am away so I need to suck up, but in all seriousness, he is such an amazing person. Talk about passion, he has intense passion for his passions. Thank goodness his family is one of them. He is so interesting, so adventurous, so patient. He was the first “boy” in this mix and manages to do all the stuff boys need to do. Since I was raised with all girl sisters and am such a girl, it helps to have a senior boy around. As we prepare to celebrate 9 years of marriage this year, I especially thank him for all the boys he has brought in my life. What amazing job he does each and every day.

So here is to the beginning of many tributes to my boys. They will give me lots to write about for sure!


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