Music…Mr. Deejay

Dear Dad:

If you did not already know it and you do…I love music. I always have. My first memories of music involved beach music. Your love for beach music was contagious. To learn to shag before my teen years was impressive. Then you had me help pick the intermission songs for the Charleston Royals games. Wow! I knew how cool that was then and it is even cooler now. Madonna, Bruce Springfield, U2, Clarence Carter. What a mix. And all on albums and tape cassettes back then.

Then there was Michele’s influences. She would take me to real grassroots shows like the ones in the middle of a mud field “a.k.a. blueberry farms” in Red Top. I saw Widespread Panic, Drivin N Cryin, Hootie and the Blowfish and many other up and comers. I admit it that our seven hour grateful dead driving trips did not bode well. I cannot take an over 15 minute jam even today.

I love that my taste for music has always been diversified and eclectic. Kayne, Phish, Tim McGraw in one seating. You should see my IPAD iTunes account. It has 20 playlists just based on music styles alone.

Some of my all time favorite music and music related experience have been going to live music shows. Live music provides the very best experiences in life. The first ever Lallapolloza Tour, Phish live wherever, Janet Jackson front row, Dave Matthews, Jimmy Buffett, WIDESPREAD PANIC!!!!!!!, Rolling Stones, John Meyer, Barenakes Ladies, and of course Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule.

I knew my husband was my soul mate when he showed me his concert ticket stub collection. One of the first things that I asked was when he actually went to school. That was because the container was jammed pack. Apparently for the first few years of college, he was on the road following music (and selling carpets)..and not just any road, but Red Rocks, Madison Square Garden, House of Blues New Orleans….you name it, he was there. Hell when Georgia Theater burnt down, he cried and he is still in major withdraw about Panic’s two-year hiatus (as am I).

Then there is Home Team. The premise behind this fraternity amongst the music travelers is one of the coolest things around. It makes sense. As you travel around following your favorite band, in this case mostly Panic, you start recognizing the same folks, and no matter where you are there is a “home team” there if you need them.

So music is really everything. It puts me in the best mood, makes me dance, allows me to connect. It is really all that I need to fill my soul. And that is why I wake up listening to it, spend loads of money purchasing it, sing to it at karaoke (and no I cannot sing), play deejay at almost every social event and live to go see it whenever I can.

Here’s to the next show, and where’s my mule!


Note: was listening to Drive By Truckers Daddy’s Cup while writing this post.

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