Gotta Whole Lata Love

December 8. 2012 Dear Dad: It's really easy to have love and admiration for someone like Mike Lata. I would be surprised to learn that the guy had any enemies and if he did, it would be because the other person was probably jealous. The guy is just that genuinely nice. And sweet. And talented.… Continue reading Gotta Whole Lata Love

This is who to be thankful for…

November 20, 2012 Dear Dad: What a more appropriate time than this week to let you know what I am really thankful for. Well besides the normal things in life--kids, family, friends, killer job, awesome life, etc. I am super thankful for all of the people who probably never get thanked. If you don't know… Continue reading This is who to be thankful for…

Chefs, the most generous people I know!

November 4, 2012 Dear Dad: I hate to write two back to back letters that are chef related, but in light of what happened last week in the north with Hurricane Sandy, I have no choice. If you don't know it already, chefs (and restaurant owners) are some of the most generous, giving people ever.… Continue reading Chefs, the most generous people I know!

Sean Brock is the “Southern” Man

September 28, 2012 Dear Dad: I had to turn on some Drive By Truckers while writing this, in honor of my friend Sean Brock. I don't think people who are in the culinary industry in Charleston (and around the south, and hell the country) could deny the impact Sean Brock has had on them in… Continue reading Sean Brock is the “Southern” Man